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Bugatti-57SC-AtlanticThere are many different luxury car makes and models available and more coming in 2014 & 2015. Deciding which model of luxury car is the right one for you to purchase can be a hard decision. By having all the available information, reviews and comparisons on all the different brands and models will make it easier for you.

Did you know on the average person buys a new car only once every seven years? Car sales people sell cars everyday and take extensive sales training courses in how to extract the most money from you. They have the advantage when it comes time to negotiate the price on the car of your dreams. Do not let them have the upper hand, arm yourself with the knowledge on how you too can get the best deal when buying a new car, truck, SUV or crossover vehicle.

We have assembled all the best automotive buying guides and references available to help you decide which company makes the best new luxury car for you and how to get the absolute best deal when it comes time to buy.

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Car Buying Revealed: How to Buy a Car and Not Get Taken for a Ride

If you want to save thousands of dollars the next time you buy a car, then you need to read this book right now and do everything it tells you to do. Car Buying Revealed contains all the information that car dealers do not want you to know and have kept secret….. 5.0 out of 5 stars Confidence in Car Buying Brian Munroe is not a master of prose, but he definitely has mastered the car buying process. I read the book, followed the instructions, and saved over $900.00 on a Honda Fit, a high-demand car with little negotiating room. I was a first time car buyer, dreading negotiating. Munroe suggests ways to put local dealers in competition with each other to earn your business. The book is literally worth its weight in gold. Read it before you buy a car!

Buying a Car For Dummies

Buying A Car For Dummies can help you save a truckload of money over the life of your vehicle as you find out all you need to know about new and used car ownership in this entertaining and informative reference guide. This dependable book covers all avenues of buying and owning a car, from negotiating….. 4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book for buying a new car This book helped me to research the car I wanted to buy before going to the dealership by giving me helpful internet sites to find the invoice price on my car and other facts. It also instructed me on negotiating strategies to use when I sat down with the car salesman. True to the books description the salesman used the same tricks the book predicted he would……

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Consumer Reports Ratings & Pricing Guide Unbiased Reviews and Recommended Vehicles

Consumer Reports Ratings & Pricing Guide provides unbiased reviews and recommended vehicles. Get ratings and reviews on 232 car models with reliability history, road test highlights and easy to use comparison charts. 3.5 out of 5 stars Very useful guide. This guide not only reviews the NEW cars, suv’s, trucks, and vans on the market, but provides recommendations and reliability information. A lot of research went into making this book. This book gives the car buyer a complete “what you need to know before making that first visit to the car dealer”.